A Cup of Cold Water

January 24th, 2012 / 8 Comments

Among the virtues Christians are called to express, compassion is among the highest. An upcoming conference titled, “A Cup of Cold Water,” encourages us to respond to God’s call to be compassionate.

Northwest Nazarene University hosts an annual conference, sponsored by its Wesley Center. The 2012 Wesley Center conference, “A Cup of Cold Water: Christians in Compassionate Service,” continues the center’s tradition to explore the most important issues of our day.

Conference director, Jay Akkerman, has assembled a stellar group of speakers for “A Cup of Cold Water.”

Steve Sjogren is pastor of Northside Community Church, a Free Methodist congregation, in Newberg, Oregon. Sjogren’s advocates what he calls, “servant evangelism,” in his book, Conspiracy of Kindness: A Refreshing New Approach to Sharing the Love of Jesus with Others.

Jeff Carr is an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene, founding director of the Bresee Foundation, a former chief operating officer of Sojourners, and director of gang reduction and youth development in Los Angeles.

Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag is a founder of a ministry to prostitutes. The ministry is called Prevent/Restore: Catalyzing the Church in Ministry Among Women & Men in Prostitution. Tunehag is an Alaskan native who now resides in Stockholm, Sweden.

Gabriel Salguero is co-pastor with his wife, Jeanette, of the multicultural Lamb’s Church in New York City. Gabriel serves as the President of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition. He is the director of Princeton Theological Seminary’s Hispanic/Latino(a) Leadership Program.

Brian Postlewait is director of Mission Possible, an inner city Church/mission in Vancouver, BC. As an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene, Postlewait has many years of experience ministering to the poor and vulnerable of North America.

Dean Cowles is the direct or Youth Partners in Denver, Colorado. Cowles is known for his creative vision and irresistible passion for ministry.

Jim Wicks is pastor of a unique urban community in Portland, Oregon called Community of Adsideo. As an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene, Wicks has been on the cutting edge of exploring how best to live in community with those who are in greatest need.

I’m especially excited for a special honoring of Irving Laird at the Cup of Cold Water conference. Laird will be given the NNU Order of John Wesley award for his work over the years promoting ministry in urban contexts.

A Cup of Cold Water conference is Thursday & Friday 9-10, February 2012. The event will be held adjacent to NNU’s campus at College Church of the Nazarene in Nampa, Idaho. For more information, contact the NNU Wesley Center at 208|467.8530 or email wesleyconf@nnu.edu To register for the conference, click on the big conference logo above on this page.

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Dean Cowles

Looking forward to seeing all the NNU alumni and compassionate ministry folks who want to return “Back to the Future” as we discover or should I say rediscover our Wesleyan roots.

Met a Methodist layman on vacation who had no idea what Wesley was about or what he did. My guess is lots of Nazarenes are in the same boat, or maybe I should say lifeboat cause in my humble opinion is we don’t “get” what Wesley was about, then well to put it simply, we just don’t “get it”.

As Dwight Moody was fond of saying in a dream he felt came from the Lord, “Moody, you’re a lifeboat. Gather in all you can.”

dean cowes

Can’t wait to honor Dr. Laird. He’s been a mentor and friend to so many of us who went on to dedicate our lives “to the least of these”.

Gordon Harter

Wish I could be there! Sounds like a great conference. Wonderful that you are honoring Doc Laird! A wonderful man with a great heart, who was one of the major influences in my life when trying to understand what living a life of grace means when lived daily.

Jim Wicks

Looking forward to sharing this time and space with everyone.  I am giving thanks that we might be able to celebrate together what God is up to in the Kingdom.  Tonight I am reflecting on the encouragement of Dr. Laird and the inspiration he provided in my life so many years ago, and his continued faithfulness in cheering for me and others as he shares the love of Jesus with us.  Thanks Doc.

Jon Privett

Our family delivered wood cut by prisoners and stacked by guys from our church in the back of my old truck to a lady who was blind heating her house with a open stove and a dryer.  She had a 10 year old daughter who happened to be a student where my wife teaches.

It was a stunning reminder of how many in our community struggle with the necessities of life. More was done by a truckload of wood and a smile than a dozen sermons they would never hear (they cannot drive and don’‘t have a car and have yet to go to any church). 

Cup of cold water still works. We made friends for life.

If this conference delivers more loads of wood (or cups of water), then AMEN!

Tom Nees

What a great conference with presenters who are passionate about responding to human suffering in their neighborhoods and around the world.  May it help keep compassion and justice in the Wesleyan spirit alive and contagious.

Kris Bos

I think this will be a great conference where people can learn more about the Lord. I think community is essential in todays world. We all need to come together as Christians and to preach the gospel to all nations. The community can be a very strong and helpful need in someone who doesnt have someone there to help them. I think Jim Wicks knows what it takes to be a pastor in a community where it is hard to all come forth. I think we can all learn from this conference and I am static to go to it.

Jim Wicks

We are giving thanks as we will be bringing about 20 folks from our congregation and have been given the opportunity to share our lives with others during the conference.  Some of our men will share about the journey they have been traveling and how their paths have now become one with others as the Spirit unites our lives and gives us all a great family.  A big thank you to the Church in Beaverton as they have graciously given us the use of their shuttle bus to get us all over to Nampa.  See you all soon.

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