A Six-Word Note on Love

April 25th, 2011 / 14 Comments

A class I teach explores love from theological, philosophical, and scientific perspectives. It is about to conclude. My students have offered some intriguing perspectives on what they think about love.

I’m a fan of what are sometimes called “six-word memoirs.” These little phrases or sentences have six words each.

To conclude my class on love, I asked students to construct their own six-word love notes. The notes could highlight an overall theme in the course. They may describe something important they have learned while taking the course. Or they may simply be a statement they want to make about love.

Below are the six-word notes on love my students crafted. Some are profound. Others are cute. Others defy easy classification.


Haley A. – Love is the doorway to God.

Marisa G. – Love is more than a feeling

Ryan M. – I shouldn’t say I “love” sports.

Sarah O. – Love is a choice. Choose it.

Ariel G. – Love is very, very, very deep!

Sarah R. – Can you feel the love tonight?

J. Baik- Love is worth it. Try hard.

Kristen C. – Love involves both heart and mind.

Justin K. – Love is like soccer: popular elsewhere.

Stacie M. – Love means something different to everyone.

Bailee B. – What would we do without love?

Lindsay L. – Gods’ character: God cannot not love.

Elisa D. – Love is the most powerful tool.

Macy M. – Everyone needs love, love needs everyone.

Matt L. – Love is appropriately responding in sacrifice.

Amelia H. – In the eye of the beholder.

Geoff G. – Love brings people together in God.

Ashley C. – Love is what keeps us alive

Evan C. – Love is icing on the cake.

Aaron B. – Love is the pulse of life.

Ashley M. – Love touches everyone in some way.

Rob C. – Love = family, friends, neighbors. Give yourself.

Jessica C. – All the world needs is love.

Danielle B. – Love is the foundation of life.

Shelby S. – Love breaks, love mends, love creates.

Amanda S. – Jesus loves me this I know.

Kandace T. – Love is the most important thing.

Vitaly T. – Love nurtures, love unites, love benefits.

David W. – Love heals the soul that gives.

Blake W. – Love: more than a four-letter word.

Krista W. – I love, you love, we love.

Maylee B. – Love is more than sexual intercourse.

Hyesu H. – Love makes big difference in life.

Jill B. – Love: not a whim … a lifestyle.

Eric G. – My views on love haven’t changed.

Brock O. – Love something you can’t live without.

Josh S. – Love is the ultimate universal language.

Chadwick P. – Love gives, love sustains, love perseveres

Care to post your own six-word note on love?

If you’re up to it, post your own six-word love line as a blog comment…

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Love supersedes everything else in life


The greatest of these is love.

Dave Troxler

Love makes the world go ‘round.

Aaron Alvarez

Life’s greatest measure is of love…

Chris McNaught

Love God, family, friends, others, myself.

Hans Deventer

To love is to live truly

Dave Gerber

Hate beats love; Love beats hate.

Paul Willis

Intentional response to God and others.

Frances Parker

Life’s purpose: Love God; love others.

Glen Carter

Love begins, grows, and enriches spirituality.


Without love, we do not exist.

Vitaliy Tymoshchuk

Love is life, indifference is death.

Paul DeBaufer

Love is our goal, our completion

John K. Brown

God is love. Why more complicated?

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