Six Word Love Notes

April 12th, 2012 / 3 Comments

I challenged the students in my love class to say something meaningful they’ve learned about love in the course. But they had to use only six words. Here are their notes:

Eladia H. – Intentionally investing in others and yourself.

Brianna C. – Love with humility, wisdom, and grace.

Sheree D.- Love is not selfish but sacrificial.

Myrandda E. – Understanding God, understanding love, understanding life.

Jason H.- God’s love is all you need.

Kaylee W. – Loving deeply makes life worth living.

Joshua W.- Love is better than the movies.

Reid W.- Stretches one’s imagination of what’s possible.

Stephanie T.- Love requires thoughtful action and response.

Nathan T.- Can’t describe love in six words.

John S.- Seeking fulfillment for self and others.

Meghan B.- Love does not always come expectedly.

Rachel B.- Love is the hardest thing imaginable.

Dan B.- Love is powerful. Use it wisely.

Whitney B.- Love is easier said than done.

Briana C.- Love others, love self, love God.

Chelsie C.- Love is past, present, and future.

Reisa F.- Love means something different to everyone.

Melissa H.- Love requires a little self-sacrifice.

Kelsey K.- Love is complicated but incredibly rewarding.

Torrey L.- Love teaches us to be human.

Colby M.- Love is promoting overall well-being.

Phil O.- Love may disappear if not practiced.

Trina C.- Love is intentional, meaningful, and spiritual.

Zach G.- Increase overall well-being for all.

Ben H.- Love gives meaning to our lives.

Meghan L.- Not always easy, but worth it.

Xander M.- Love hurts, but we need it.

Dannea M.- Love shares, love sacrifices, love accepts.

Amanda P.- Love is selfless, immersed, and changing.

Elizabeth F.- Without love there is no life.

Sam H.- Love is the fuel of life.

Kaley L.- Love like a fire. Burn on!

Brenda M.- Love requires humility, vulnerability, and surrender.

Celina M.- Lifetime of searching, never fully knowing.

Aaron R.- Love as God has loved us.

Yuheng W. – Before love others, love yourself first.


To which I say, impressive!

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Laura A. Wilson

A heartfelt lasting impression I have been gifted, well done good and faithful students I am sure He is smiling upon each and everyone.  For to give honor and respect unto Love’s meaning in life, is to draw richness of closeness with Him – For God is Love and by way of Love is God. His Love I leave you, Amen.

Debbie Coutts

Tom – Love it. Thanks for sharing!

Zane Tan

Love is: Origin, Morality, Meaning, Destiny.

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