Thomas Jay Oord

Thomas Jay Oord explores the most perplexing issues of today, adding insight and proposing real solutions to life’s biggest questions. He has lectured on six continents to scholars at the most prestigious institutions, students at colleges, universities, and seminaries, and to grassroots audiences in local and out of the way places. Whether exploring love, science and theology, the problem of evil, open and relational theology, holiness, freedom, or creation, Oord inspires hearts and minds.

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What They’re Saying...

M. Kathryn Armistead, Publisher, The United Methodist Church:
“Tom is a masterful speaker. He has a gift for illustrating complex ideas so that they can be clearly and easily understood. I highly recommend him.”

Philip Clayton, Claremont School of Theology:
“Whether at conservative or progressive colleges and seminaries, whether the audience consists of church members or philosophers, whether reading a paper or speaking from the heart, Tom challenges and affects his listeners… including me!”

Lea Schweitz, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
“I have heard Dr. Oord speak on an amazingly wide range of topics. No matter the theme, several characteristics are always present: humor, scholarly insight, and deep, respectful – often interdisciplinary – conversation.

Brian D. McLaren, Author and Activist:
“Thomas Oord brings together theological depth with both pastoral warmth and wide accessibility – a rare combination; in addition, he addresses subjects that are, very literally, of life and death importance in today’s world.”

Gregory Boyd, Pastor of Woodland Hills Church, St. Paul, Minnesota:
“Thomas Jay Oord is one of those rare speakers who are as effective at engaging his audiences’ hearts as he is their minds.”

Jeren Rowell, President, Nazarene Theological Seminary:
“We enjoyed having Tom Oord as the speaker in our District Pastoral Team Retreat. His presentations were engaging, substantive, and pastoral.”

Paul Wason, Vice President, Life Sciences & Genetics, John Templeton Foundation:
“In our troubled world, it may seem odd to build a view of reality on the idea that love is the most important of God’s characteristics. But having heard Tom, I now suspect that neither the apostles Paul nor John have would have found this surprising.”

Current Lecture Topics

Love & Well-Being

“What Love is and Why It Matters”
“The Science of Love”
“10 Lessons on Forgiveness”

Open & Relational Theology

“5 Beliefs to Solve the Problem of Evil”
“The Uncontrolling Love of God”
“The Ultimate Significance of Freedom”

Science & Faith

“10 Reasons for Science and Theology”
“Creation Ex Nihilo or Ex Amore?”
“Evolution and God’s Providence”

Holiness for Our Time

“Renovating Holiness for Our Time”
“What it Means to be Holy Today”
“Holiness as Moment by Moment Love”

Nature, Theology & Photography

“What I Learn about God When Hiking and Making Photos”
“The Big Picture and Fine Details: Life, Love, Evil, and God” (with Dave Huth)

Sample Videos

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Multi-Day, Multi-Lecture Event – Typical Fee: $4,000 + expenses

In addition to speaking, this package allows hosts to purchase Oord’s books at 50% cover price. Oord will also advertise the event using his various social media channels. And Oord writes a blog on the conference subject and connects readers to event info.

Single-Lecture Event – Typical Fee: $2,000 + expenses

To contact Oord or his assistant, send an email to or connect to him through twitter @thomasjayoord


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