Six-Word Love Notes

May 3rd, 2013 / 4 Comments

The students in my university class on love summarized their thoughts on love in six words. It’s an exercise I asked of them, and their responses are intriguing.

Of course, reducing an entire semester of study on love to six words is very difficult! We looked at love from theological, scientific, philosophical, and romantic perspectives. We read articles from saints, scientists, poets, philosophers, and religious scholars. 

Here, however, is short list of some of the six-word love notes they offered to conclude the course. I thank Teagan Cameron for jotting these down…

  love is different yet the same

  love is different yet the same

love is a many splendored thing

love was, love is, love can.

love is forever, forever, forever, forever

no words ever do love justice

the perplexities of love are vast

love makes it all worthwhile

love is active deliberate and powerful

i still haven’t found any answers

everyone deserves love all the time

love promotes life around the world

think it, live it, be it

let go of frustration, just love

love has depth and vast importance

love cannot fit into one definition

love offers help for all people

love is onion, full of layers

love: more complicated than I thought

love it the strength in life

get off your butt and love

love is the essence of life


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Dave Pritchard

“Love is almost never an emotion.”

Note: The Anti-spam question concerning the numebr of donuts found in a “dozen” does not differentiate between a “Baker’s Dozen” and a “Typical Dozen”.

Tabitha McLaren

My favorite: “Love is active, deliberate, and powerful”

Thomas Gaskill

My thoughts are: Love is us reflecting God’s holiness.

Natalie Evans

I am so happy that through a class on Love I was able to discover that love does indeed exist and that there is always a way to progress.

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