A New Uncontrolling Love Book!

August 11th, 2017 / No Comments

A new book featuring 80+ essays on uncontrolling love has just been released. I’m impressed and humbled by this book’s publication!

I’m impressed with Uncontrolling Love, because the six editors did a great job putting together this collection of writings. Pastors, scholars, students, activists, and other creative thinkers write the essays. They explore a wide range of topics, and this diversity is part of what makes the book so attractive. Readers will be introduced to a smorgasbord of possibilities!

I’m humbled that contributors took various ideas from my book The Uncontrolling Love of God so seriously. Some writers use these ideas to explore new territory. Others apply uncontrolling love ideas to everyday life and practice. Some explore Scriptural themes related to this love. Others talk about how thinking that God’s love is uncontrolling helps them make sense of life, especially tragedies. Some address scientific and philosophical issues.

Facebook Live and Launch Parties

The book editors and project organizers have scheduled two intriguing promotions for the book. The first is something totally new: 24 hours of Facebook Live videos exploring uncontrolling love.

On August 24-25, some contributors to the book are doing half-hour Facebook Live sessions. During these sessions, they’ll talk about their essays and ideas. Contributors will share their completed sessions on the Facebook site, “Conversations on God’s Uncontrolling Love.” I hope you check this out.

This fall and winter, nine Uncontrolling Love launch parties have been scheduled in the US and UK. And more are being considered. I’ll be at all of them, because I like parties!

Of course, please consider buying a copy of the new Uncontrolling Love book. It makes for a great and easy read, although its a big book. Here’s an Amazon link to order a print or electronic (Kindle) copy of the book.

Please share this good Uncontrolling Love news!

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