Life (and God) is Like a Movie

April 14th, 2021 / No Comments

My new book introduces open and relational theology to the general public. The manuscript is currently in the review stage. But here’s an excerpt to give you a taste!


Before the digital age, movie-makers shot movies on film. A filmstrip comprising single images moved rapidly through a projector’s light beam. Although images were static, each passed across the light giving the impression of movement on screen. Early on, movie buffs called this phenomenon “moving pictures.”

Open and relational thinkers think life and living creatures are a series of moments whose flow comprise existence. Time’s flow is fundamental, and even the divine life advances moment by moment. Like images moving across a projector’s beam, so the moments of God’s life and ours comprise the story of reality. (For more, see my blog “A TimeFull God of Providence.”)

The film and projector analogy breaks down in one way, however. The films we watch have been recorded, edited, and produced. A film director and producer pre-decided how the story would be told.

By contrast, open and relational thinkers believe each moment is created in that moment. The next frame is in the making, right now, and now, and now, and now. A host of actors — from God to humans to other creatures to the smallest entities — write the story of life.

We’re always “live and in action!”


I expect my book to be published this summer. I wrote it for people without theology degrees. I’m eager to see the influence it will have!

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