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October 13th, 2016 / 2 Comments

Madonna, Perry Como, and the Powerpuff Girls sing songs titled, “Love Makes the World Go ‘Round.”  The phrase represents wishful thinking, starry-eyed romance, and sappiness.  To some, it conjures visions of Don Quixote chasing windmills. But that phrase means something else to me.

A few theologians suggest that the phrase might tell us something about God’s action in the world.  If “God is love” and if God creates and sustains the universe, it makes sense to derive theological meaning from “love makes the world go ‘round.” After all, most theologians could work with the idea that God makes the world go around.

Rarely, however, do theologians developed the themes of love thoroughly. I’m different. In many of my books, I’ve tried to do just that. But there’s more work to be done.

Science – at least “hard” science – appears to have no place for love. At least that’s what most people seem to think.  Science considers facts, experiments with specimens, and tests hypotheses about the material world. Love is a subject science cannot fathom.

Theories that entail values – and “love” is a value-laden word – are said to have no place in science.  Besides, how can sentiment and wishful thinking originate or empower the universe?

Philosophers do little better. Few take love as their core theme for a analysis or speculation. Ask most professional philosophers to name a few “philosophers of love,” and you’ll likely get a blank stare.


I want to promote better the interdisciplinary endeavors to study and promote love. As a baby step toward widening the conversation, I’m giving away free ecopies of my book, The Science of Love (Templeton Press).

This introductory book is written in an accessible way. The chapters are short and provocative. I weave together issues of religion, science, and philosophy. From biology to metaphysics, neuroscience to agape, and spiritual practices to pacifism, I touch on these topics and many more.

To get a free ecopy, simply sign up for my newsletter. I’ll send an email before November with the ecopy. Just find the Newsletter block on my website homepage and insert your email address.

Feel free to share this news to whomever you think would be interested. There is no limit on the number of ecopies I can send. Send friends to so they can sign up

Perhaps reading this book can help us all make sense of how love might make all things “go ’round.”

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Stuart Donnan

Hi. I have hard copies of several of your recent books but have been slow in keeping up with your blogs. Is it too late to get a free ebook of The Science of Love?
(Prof) Stuart Donnan MD
Southampton, UK
[email protected]


It’s not too late. Just sign up for my newsletter (see the link on my website homepage), and I’ll send a newsletter with the free ebook.

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