Relational Theology: A Contemporary Intro

December 3rd, 2012 / 7 Comments

I’m happy to announce the release of what I think is a much-needed and long-overdue book: Relational Theology: a Contemporary Introduction!

As a co-editor (with Brint Montgomery and Karen Winslow), I have a biased opinion of the worth of this little gem. But I think most would agree that an easy-to-read introduction to how relational theology addresses the major issue of life is could be very helpful.

The roster of essay writers for this book is impressive. And the subjects they address are vast. Here’s a look at the table of contents:

0. What is Relational Theology? 

Thomas Jay Oord

I. Doctrines of Theology in Relational Perspective

John Wesley and Relational Theology – Barry L. Callen

The “Way” of Triune Love – K. Steve McCormick

The Person and Work of Christ – R. Larry Shelton

Relational Theology and the Holy Spirit – Amos Yong

Participation in God – Charles J. Conniry, Jr.

Relational Love – Thomas J. Oord

The Image of God – Samuel M. Powell

The Freedom Inherent in Relational Theology – Brint Montgomery

Faith in Relations – Wm. Curtis Holtzen

Sin in Relational Perspective – Michael Lodahl

A Relational Understanding of Atonement – Derek Flood

A Relational View of Salvation and Sanctification – Timothy J. Crutcher

II. Biblical Witness in Relational Perspective

Cooperative Covenant Partners in the Bible – Karen Strand Winslow

The Authority of the Bible – Dwight Swanson

The Revelation and Inspiration of Scripture – Dennis Bratcher

“God with Us”: Reading Scripture (Relationally) as the Church – Richard P. Thompson

III. The Christian Life in Relational Perspective

Relational Theology and Ecclesiology – Philip R. Hamner

Prayer and our Relationship with God – Libby Tedder

Relational Theology and the Means of Grace – Dean G. Blevins

The Medium is the Message: Preaching and Relational Theology – T. Scott Daniels

Worship as Relational Renewal and Redemption of the World – Brent D. Peterson

Spiritual Formation & Relational Theology – Douglas S. Hardy

Pastoral Ministry – Jeren Rowell

IV. Ethics and Justice in Relational Perspective

Ethics as Relational – Kevin Twain Lowery

The Cross or Caesar? A Postcolonial Query – Gabriel Salguero

Social Justice and Relational Theology – Brian K. Postlewait

Relational Dimensions of Feminist Theology – Diane Leclerc

Jewish-Christian Dialogue – Marty Alan Michelson

The God of Love and the Multiplicity of Religious Traditions – Mark H. Mann

Initial Creation and Relational Theology – Karen Strand Winslow

God’s Relation to Nature – Sharon R. Harvey

Explore the Book!

I’m sure my co-editors join me in thanking Point Loma Press (and Mark Mann) for taking on this book. Wipf and Stock prints the book, but Point Loma Press is the primary publisher of record.

To get an idea of the book’s content, check its Amazon page. Feel free to look inside and read a chapter or two.

As of this writing (12/3/12), however, the book is still too new to be available on You’ll have to buy it direct from the printer. Fortunately, it’s on sale at the printer’s website as a way to generate interest in the book.

Of course, I’m hoping you decide to get a copy or two. Maybe this will make a good Christmas gift for someone (or for yourself)!

Here’s to hoping this book proves helpful to many!


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John W Dally

You would not believe the theologies I encounter in my work (Hospice). People draw from bits and pieces of what they have heard and come up with a theology where that is trithestic.  The see God as angry, throwing lightening bolts and “smiting” people with illness while Jesus pleads for mercy. They do not even stop to think the Jesus IS God. the more resources to relational theology the better.
Thanks for adding to the body of work for us all.


Oooh, I’m SUPER interested! Do you know if there’ll be a Kindle version once it appears on Amazon? (I prefer ebooks to paper.)

Ben C.

Is there any possible way the publisher could get this in a pdf file or other similar electronic file?  I live overseas and can’t wait on snail mail.  I would love a copy for a friend and for myself before Christmas.

Thomas Jay Oord

Thanks for all of your kind words!

Randall – Kindle version is due out in the spring. Ben – I’ll contact you via email.

Bev Mitchell

Wow! What a lineup of topics. This will be much appreciated, I’m sure. Now you’ve created a problem for me. I usually give a book to a good pastor friend of mine each year – this started with your “Theology of Love”. I had one all picked out for this coming year. He may just have to settle for two. smile

Thomas Jay Oord

I like the way you think, Bev!

Ronald Baker

Thanks, Tom,
I read the introduction and first two chapters at Amazon. I had to add it to my wish list. I also need it in Kindle format. If one is working in foreign cross-cultural ministry, you just can’t carry your library with you … unless it is a Kindle edition – or something similar.

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