The Bible Tells Me So

December 13th, 2011 / 1 Comment

I’m happy to announce the publication of The Bible Tells Me So: Reading the Bible as Scripture. This book, which Richard Thompson and I co-edited, is now available in print form and kindle edition.

It’s a Big Book!

The book is the product of the February, 2011 NNU Wesley Center Conference with the same name, “The Bible Tells Me So.” At that event, 400 or so scholars, pastors, and laity gathered together to consider Scripture from Wesleyan perspectives.

The nearly 500-page book now published has thirty essays from leading biblical scholars and theologians in the Wesleyan tradition. The first half of the book offers essays on diverse topics such interpretation, inerrancy, biblical authority, Dead Sea scrolls, postmodernism, archeology, John Wesley’s view of scripture, spiritual formation, and other issues.

The second half offers essays written by many crafting commentaries in the New Beacon Hill commentary series. Authors write about central themes and important ideas in books such as Genesis, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Galatians, Hebrews, John’s letters, Revelation, and many more.

Here’s the table of contents:


Thomas Jay Oord and Richard P. Thompson

Topic Chapters

1. Archaeological Contributions to the Study of the Bible –  A. Wendell Bowes

2. What the Dead Sea Scrolls Can Tell Us about Contemporary Biblical Issues – W. Randolph Bynum

3. Four Thoughts on Preaching and Teaching the Bible — Mostly the Old Testament – Brent A. Strawn

4. Authority Is What Authority Does: Rethinking the Role of the Bible as Scripture – Richard P. Thompson

5. Thinking about the Bible Theologically: Inerrancy, Inspiration, and Revelation – Dennis R. Bratcher

6. “Behold, I Show You a More Excellent Way:” Scripture, Salvation, and Inerrancy – C. S. Cowles

7. What “Things” Are Included in “All Things Necessary to Our Salvation?” – Michael E. Lodahl

8. John Wesley on the Bible: The Rule of Christian Faith, Practice, and Hope – Randy L. Maddox

9. The Bible in a Postmodern Age – Terence E. Fretheim

10. Reading the Bible in a Postmodern Age: The Importance of Context for Interpretation – Kara J. Lyons-Pardue and Jason Sturdevant

11. Pilgrimage of the Preaching Pastor: Parish to Academy, Academy to Pulpit – Daniel B. Spross

12. The Role of Scripture in Christian Formation – Mark A. Maddix and Richard P. Thompson

Old Testament Chapters

13. How Ever Shall We Preach Genesis 1–11?! – Joseph E. Coleson

14. Is There Anything to Preach from Leviticus? – Thomas J. King

15. Judging Judges: Theological Issues and Homiletical Strategies – Robert D. Branson

16. Love in the Old Testament: Insights from Ruth and the Song of Solomon – Sarah B. C. Derck

17. Preaching from 1–2 Kings: Guidelines for the Faint of Heart – Karen Strand Winslow

18. Conceiving the Implausible: What Would It Take to Render a Ten-Sermon Series on Chronicles Intelligible? – John W. Wright

19. Preaching the Preacher: The Wisdom of Ecclesiastes – Stephen J. Bennett

20. “I Never Understood a Single Word He Said:” Ten Things to Preach and Five Things to Avoid in Jeremiah – Mitchel Modine

21. Preaching Daniel: Delivering Daniel from the Den of Distractions – Jim Edlin

22. Selected Themes from Seldom Heard Prophets: Proclaiming Nahum through Malachi – Laurie J. Braaten

New Testament Chapters

23. Proclaiming Theological Themes in 2 Corinthians – Frank G. Carver

24. Listening to Paul’s Letter to the Galatians – George Lyons

25. Teaching Concepts and Themes from 1–2 Thessalonians – Terence P. Paige

26. “The Holy Spirit Says:” Hearing and Preaching the Scriptures according to the Letter to the Hebrews – Kevin L. Anderson

27. Practical Wisdom from James – C. Jeanne Orjala Serrão

28. Theological Lessons from the Letters of Peter and Jude – Daniel G. Powers

29. This We Proclaim: Preaching from the Johannine Letters – Rick L. Williamson

30. Come, Lord Jesus: Thoughts on Interpreting Revelation – Carol J. Rotz

Get the Book!

You can purchase a print copy at for $24.99.

The Kindle edition is $9.99.

I encourage you to consider getting a copy of The Bible Tells Me So for yourself or for someone you know will appreciate this important conversation on the Bible from Wesleyan perspectives.

And if you have time, please let others know the book is now available!

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Thanks Tom for posting the table of contents.  I got the kindle edition today.

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