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Creatio Ex Nihilo and Creation Care

April 2nd, 2018 / 6 Comments

A growing number of Christians see the need to care for creation. But most of these Christians affirm the ancient idea that God created the universe out of nothing (creatio ex nihilo). Does care for creation fit well with creatio ex nihilo? I don’t think so… I’ve been writing a book chapter for a new […]

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More (Unconvincing) Reasons Some Accept Creatio Ex Nihilo

February 1st, 2017 / 7 Comments

In a previous post, I listed three reasons some Christians think God created our universe from nothing. I was unconvinced by those reasons. Here are three more reasons some people embrace creatio ex nihilo. Although some are interesting, I also find these reasons unconvincing. Science Requires the Traditional View There are strong scientific reasons to […]

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Understandable but Not Convincing Reasons to Affirm Creatio Ex Nihilo

March 12th, 2013 / 19 Comments

In previous blogs, I’ve argued that the Bible doesn’t support creation out of nothing. I’ve shown that Gnostics originally proffered this view, because they thought the world was inherently evil. And I’ve argued that the view of God’s power implied in creatio ex nihilo makes the problem of evil unsolvable. Despite all this, some people still affirm creatio ex nihilo, and they’ve got some pretty good reasons for doing so.

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An Alternative Doctrine of Creation: God Always Creates out of Creation in Love

March 19th, 2013 / 10 Comments

In previous blog essays, I’ve offered reasons why Christians should reject the idea God creates from nothing. I’ve also hinted at an alternative doctrine of creation that embraces the positive elements of creatio ex nihilo but is not susceptible to the negative elements. It’s finally time to offer the basics of my alternative: creatio ex creation en amore (God always creates out of creation in love).

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