25 Tips for Using Social Media from Theologians, Philosophers, Bible Scholars, and Religious Leaders

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Social media is changing contemporary culture. And its changing scholarship in religion and philosophy. Some of the leading voices in these fields are using social media and technology in interesting ways.

I recently asked more than 90 theologians, philosophers, biblical scholars, and religious leaders to write essays on social media. The result is a 460-page book called Theologians and Philosophers Using Social Media: Advice, Tips, and Testimonials (SacraSage). The book is currently ranked # 1 on Amazon as the best-selling book in Religious Studies Education.

Tips for Using Social Media

With more than 90 essays, the advice is vast, varied, and rich. But I thought I’d list 25 tips I picked randomly from the book for using social media well.

Here is a small sample of what contributors to the book offer as advice…

(1) “Choose one or two social media platforms and get to know them well.” – Sarah Lane Ritchie

(2) “Be yourself on social media even as you let social media help you discover more fully who you are.” – Ron Cole-Turner

(3) “Decide whether you want separate personal and professional social media accounts.” – Katharine Schmidt

(4) “Don’t reply to people on Twitter by using a quote retweet. It comes off as rude and self-aggrandizing.” – David Congdon

(5) “Sketch out your ideas on a blog first before publishing the final form.” Alexander Pruss

(6) “Don’t feed the trolls.” – Brian McLaren

(7) “Translate academic production to a more general audience.” Miguel De La Torre

(8) “Use social media to correct problems in the your teaching.” Bex Lewis

(9) “Create a strategy and goals with your social media use.” – Greg Cootsona

(10) “Posting in various places helps various people find your work.” – Janel Apps Ramsey

(11) “Adjust your writing style for a broader, more public audience.” – Ben Corey

(12) “Don’t let social media take over your life. Manage it.” – Oliver Crisp

(13) “Try to have fun with social media. Don’t over think it.” – Helen DeCruz

(14) “Be attentive to how social media may interrupt other important dimensions of life.” – Amos Yong

(15) “Don’t engage bullies.” – Patricia Farmer

(16) “Professors should require that class assignments be done in public, on social media.” – Tripp Fuller

(17) “Go regularly to conferences on technology and social media.” – Deirdre Good

(18) “Be cautious about whom you criticize on social media and how.” – Michael Gorman

(19) “Decide what you want social media to do for you, and stick to that agenda.” – Joel Green

(20) “Academic freedom protections may not apply to what scholars say on social media.” David Gushee

(21) “Use social media to connect with people and to organize.” – Kwok Pui-Lan

(22) “Broker and curate the best of social media to others.” – Len Sweet

(23) “Brevity is beautiful.” – Nathan Hamm

(24) “Users of social media should be ready for many requests for his or her time and energy.” – Richard Rohr

(25) “If you have any good Spotify playlists for tear-inducing acoustic covers or Mongolian folk music, please send them my way!” – Kevin Timpe

Hundreds and Hundreds of Tips

With more than 90 essays from scholars and thought leaders in diverse fields, these 25 suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg! Find hundreds and hundreds more in Theologians and Philosophers Using Social Media.

Find the book on Amazon in both print and ebook formats.

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