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Six Dimensions to the Problem of Evil

January 17th, 2022 / 5 Comments

An adequate Christian theology of love offers a plausible solution to the problem of evil. Rather than appealing to mystery, it offers answers to the issue most atheists say prevents them from believing God exists.[1] Those answers also help theists make sense of God’s love in light of personal, systemic, and nonhuman evils. In my […]

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Essential Hesed

January 6th, 2022 / No Comments

In my forthcoming book, Pluriform Love, I propose a new theological category: Essential Hesed. In this essay, I offer an excerpt from the book. Much precedes this and much comes after. But I offer this as a taste of what Essential Hesed says… God’s Steadfast Love Is God’s covenantal, loyal, and steadfast love for creation […]

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The Primacy of Love

January 1st, 2022 / 1 Comment

I’m excited about my book, Pluriform Love, which is coming out in February! It’s an academic book. I think of it as a follow-up to my book, The Uncontrolling Love of God. Here’s an excerpt from the first chapter… The Primacy of Love It’s not hard to make a scriptural case for the primacy of […]

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Augustine’s God Doesn’t Love Us

November 28th, 2021 / 5 Comments

I’m writing a book I’m tentatively calling, “Pluriform Love.” Part of the task involves looking at major theologies of love in Christian history. I’m looking at Augustine’s thoughts and criticizing them harshly. Here’s an excerpt… Use or Enjoy A subsection of Augustine’s classic book, Teaching Christianity, is titled, “God Does Not Enjoy Us, But Makes […]

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God’s Omniscience Grows

November 1st, 2021 / 8 Comments

Open and relational thinkers say the future does not exist. Because it does not, God can’t know with certainty what will happen in the future. Does this contradict the idea God is all-knowing? In Open and Relational Theology: An Introduction to Life-Changing Ideas, I say that God can’t foreknow with certainty everything that will occur. […]

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God’s Knowing Isn’t Causal

September 13th, 2021 / 10 Comments

Open and relational theology says God doesn’t foreknow everything that will happen in the future. If God did foreknow all with certainty, the future would be settled. A completely settled future is incompatible with our making free choices. Some hear this and think open and relational thinkers are saying God’s foreknowing would cause the future […]

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Partnering with God

August 31st, 2021 / No Comments

I’m happy to announce the publication of a new book, Partnering with God: Collaboration in Open and Relational Theology! The title itself will strike some readers as audacious. After all, who can really claim to “partner with God”?! Partnering with God answers that question by claiming collaboration with the divine is a real possibility! Seventy-seven […]

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God’s Power in Open and Relational Theology

July 28th, 2021 / 2 Comments

Open and relational theology says we best understand God’s power in ways consistent with our experiences and the world. It draws from scriptural stories and passages that speak of God acting without controlling others. In Open and Relational Theology: An Introduction to Life-Changing Ideas, I explore how open and relational advocates think about God’s power. […]

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The God I Reject

June 8th, 2021 / 2 Comments

In my new book, I explain what it means to say God is open and relational. But I also identify views of God that I reject. To avoid getting lost in the weeds, I use the label “conventional God” for a host of views open and relational thinkers oppose. Under this one label rests a […]

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